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Dear Jeremy Hunt – stop being a dick

I am so bored of signing petitions, writing to MP and sending letters about the big sell-off of the NHS, that when writing my response to Avaaz’s latest campaign I just couldn’t bring myself to be civil any more:

Dear Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt,

I am abhorred by your plans to deconstruct the NHS and transfer it to private ownership piece-by-piece. Quite frankly, I am incredibly bored by the amount of time I currently have to dedicate to asking you not to privatise every government-owned asset you can get your hands on. Please, get the message and accept that no one other than your fat cat friends wants this wholesale privatisation of public services.

Of course, you will take no notice of these comments, you never do. Up there in your ivory tower you are fine. You have probably never had to use the NHS. You have probably never had to rely on the wonderful and overworked staff of the NHS to help you through a tough time.

I have a confession. I went private once. It was horrible. I encountered incredibly patronisingly nice staff and such a wonderfully glamorous facility that I can totally understand why you would feel at home in that environment.

Anyway, in summary – don’t sell off the NHS, and stop being a dick.

There – I’ve even thrown in some free life advice for you too.

Yours sincrerely,


I figure the twat doesn’t ever read any of this comments anyway, so what the hell…

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