What the UK has just voted for

I know there’s still a lot to be said and done, but if the exit polls are correct the UK has just voted:

  • For the dismantling of the NHS into private hands
  • For the end of the welfare state
  • For five more years (probably more, as redemption will take time) of the torturing of disabled people
  • To take the education system back to the 1950s
  • For the vulnerable to continue to pay for the mistakes of the super-rich
  • For bankers to continue unaffected
  • To remove the services that improve life chances of everyone, but particularly the sick and vulnerable
  • To continue the war on the homeless, while empty buildings remain unchallenged
  • To back unaffordable rents
  • To sell off social housing
  • To put further power in the hands of landlords
  • To support the bedroom tax
  • To drive those in need to desperation, food banks and/or suicide
  • To condemn disabled people to a life of harassment from government authorities
  • To remove the safety net for disadvantaged young people
  • For the possible abolition of maternity pay
  • For the potential abolition of human rights
  • For TTIP
  • For extended workfare
  • For zero-hours contracts, coupled with barbaric pressures from the Job Centre
  • For employer’s profit rights over basic worker’s rights

And this is just for starters. But hey, you’ve £20 a month better off, so what do you care? (Psst…. you’re not. Your costs are rising because you’re paying more in VAT.)

I’m going to bed now, and hoping that things look better in the morning.


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