Dear IPSA, we need to talk about MPs salaries…

In response to an email I received from regarding this petition, I emailed the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority at – the fraudulent pseudo-regulatory body for the professional conduct of MPs. I urge you to do the same.

Dear sir/madam,

Why am I even having to write this email to you? How much spin have you put on this situation that you have even convinced yourself that the public support a pay rise for MPs that participate in a system less popular than voting in the X-Factor?

How can you possibly justify an 11% pay rise for MPs, who are already overpaid, when every other public sector worker in the country is capped at 1%? How can you claim that only a small number of people think that this pay rise is too high, when you have received 280,000 signatures saying otherwise? How can you be so ignorant to the press coverage, featuring comments from all party leaders condoning the proposed pay rise?

I have to say you have played this well. I mean, it’s quite clear to me that you as a nameless, faceless organisation are able to take the blame without reprisal for giving these overpaid, overprivileged, incompetent morons an unwarrented and undeserved pay rise.

Whatever the make up of your constitution, it’s clear to me that We’re All In This Together applies solely to your senior staff and members, and not to the general public. It certainly doesn’t apply to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, as if it did, we wouldn’t see such dramatic double-standards coming from your ivory towers.

In other words – no pay rise for MPs, please. In fact, I would like to see all MPs placed in the minimum wage. Failing this, I would accept MPs working for the national average salary and all outside interests banned as a compromise.

Yours faithfully,

Guy Walsh


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