Cuts for the sake of cuts

Oh dear. My scepticism, combined with general bad mood, is getting the better of me now.

You see, initially upon reading the announcement that the UK Film Council was to be cut, I didn’t give a shit. In the overall scheme of things, with cuts being made to health services and service to the most vulnerable in the community, I thought I could accept the hit on this one. I mean, as much as I like to support the arts and local film etc., it’s not exactly crucial is it? And you know, “we’re all in this together”…

But then I suddenly found a use for Caroline Lucas. If she was right when she tweeted that for every £1 spent, £5 is returned at the box office (and not, as I initially suspected, pandering to the wankfest that is her Brighton-based supporters), then this is the quite clearly the lovely ConDemNation’s most self-centred decision yet. This is a decision that has been made purely to remove another Labour legacy from the history books. Oh and surprise surprise, the money will now go “directly to independent film-makers”. Will it bollocks. It’ll go to Tory-supporting tossers who don’t need it, in yet ANOTHER discrete form of Thatcherite privatisation.

Of course the biggest irony of all is that this WILL NOT save any money. The ConDemNation themselves have admitted that the funding will remain the same, but the distribution will change. Err… so that’s more job losses then, yeah? Good work. Well done.

Before you go, sign the petition please.



2 thoughts on “Cuts for the sake of cuts

  1. I totally agree; a lot of the things this coalition is doing are illogical e.g subsidising pensioners, one of the wealthiest age groups in society, with free bus passes and tv licences etc. (granted 60-64 now have to pay for the bus) while cutting back on the welfare bill in general, thus hurting people who actually need the money.

  2. Guy Walsh says:

    While I agree that the ConDemNation’s actions are illogical, I think you have to be careful bringing pensioners into the argument. Of the pensioners I know, most wouldn’t be able to get around without the free bus passes and all struggle with day to day household bills, so any subsidy is a welcome one as far as I’m concerned.

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